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seismic shock. an earthquake rocks maryland, shaking many people out of the sound sleep. hi, everybody. i'm kai jackson. here's what people are talking about. wjz has more on this event. tim williams has more on the actual quake. but we begin with alex demetrick, who spoke with people who experienced it this morning. >> well, it was small, as earthquakes go. but it was still large enough to set a record in maryland and press some nerves on edge. baltimore is a long way from earthquake country. but the city shook. >> the dog woke me up, wining
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-- whining and crying. and then the earthquake happened. shook the bed. i couldn't figure out what that was. i had never experienced that before. but then after it happened, she hopped right back up in bed and with the went back to sleep. >> reporter: a state seismograph picked up the quake. >> a small earthquake. but as far as maryland goes, it's something that's a little stronger than we've experienced in recent past. most of the earthquakes are running from a sort of magnitude 1 to 2 range. >> centered between rockville, and leesburg, virginia. >> and the wiggles went on for some one, two, about three minutes before it quieted down completely. >> how many -- just tweak a little bit once in a while. >> we've identified no serious damages. but we are doing a number of things. of course, we checked in with calvert cliffs. >> we are sending inspectors out to bridges, especially the most heavily-traveled bridges, just keeping an eye on things to anticipate that there
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probably will be some rupture underground of some pipe somewhere. that might not be evident yet. >> well, meanwhile, there have been no reports of damage to private property. kai? >> it is good news. alex demetrick reporting. our complete coverage continues with tim williams in the first warning weather center. this is a very large area. this will kind of give you an idea of the rains that folks felt. 3.6. not a large earthquake. but definitely felt from that epicenter there, just near rockville. all the way out to points in baltimore county, delaware residents felt it. pennsylvania. we got reports as far away as west virginia felt it. and down into virginia as well. of course, it was between bp and leesburg, virginia. it is the strongest to ever hit maryland. alex alluded to this. since the united states joe lodge -- geological service has been keeping record. that is over quite a bit of time. 5:04 is the exact moment this hit. as far as other earthquakes and
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where this falls, all within the same 30 to 35-mile-an-hour radius. this 3.6 is the largest. but then there was a 2.5 that hit the d.c. area back in 1997. a 2.3 that hit around 1996. and one of the closest to this area here, lockern -- lock hern, maryland. that was in 2007, just three years okay. so this has been a pretty active area, over say the last 10 years or so. although we're not really known for earthquakes. seconds after that earthquake, viewers were in touch with wjz. our coverage continues with denise at, with some viewer comments. >> well, kai. wjz viewers started calling and e-mailing us about their experiences at 5:00 this morning, while don and marty were on the air. jackie from ellicott city, was actually the first person to send in an e-mail after the quake. she actually experienced an earthquake in our area. sally from timonium said she
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and her husband were both wokeeb -- woken up by the rumbling. she describes it as unbelievable. wjz would like to hear from you. send your comments to by e-mailing us at or you can become a friend of wjz on facebook and send us a message that way. >> wjz is always on for complete coverage of the earthquake. for instant updates, additional video, and to share your comments or read comments from others, go to today's other big stories, the return of the big heat and humidity. return of construction workers making sure to stay hydrated. there's a code red heat alert for baltimore. and a code orange air alert. if you don't have to go outside, don't. what's in store for the weekend. take a look at radar. there are thunderstorms with cooling rain with them, up to our north and northwest. whether they get here is still a bit of a question. a slight chance this evening of
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getting widely scattered showers. how hot is it now? 97. that's the hottest i've seen all day long. 84 in ocean city. 82 in oakland. 93 in elkton. but the heat index is at 101 for the city. 93 for ocean city. 106, easton. and 107 in elkton. and because of the high heat indexes and high humidity, we have a heat advisory until 9:00 p.m. tonight. looks like this weekend, not a whole lot of relief. not quite as hot as today. but still very, very humid all weekend long. kai? >> so far, so good. bp says the cap on the broken oil well is holding. here's a live look at the underwater robot, searching for signs of a leak. manuel gallegus reports for wjz, with more on what happens now. >> reporter: four underwater robots are scouring the ocean floor, near bp's capped well, searching for new leaks. so far, no problems have been reported. but everyone involved says more
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tests and analysis are needed. >> i think it's important that we don't get ahead of ourselves here. you have one of the problems with having this camera down there is that when the oil stops gushing, everybody feels like we're done. and we're not. >> reporter: bp is still testing its 75-ton cap and may decide to funnel some of the trapped oil to surface ships to relieve pressure. the permanent fix, a relief well, should be finished next month. the oil company says so far, it's paid out over $200 million in claims to fishermen and merchants across the gulf. and the money bp is putting toward the cleanup effort is at least putting some cash in the pockets of gulf workers. >> and the oil, tar ball sludge, debris. >> reporter: mississippi commissioned 20 yachts to build 20 of these small skimmer boats. workers can turn out one of these in five days. >> we're building here in mississippi. operators are all mississippi residents. >> reporter: the nimble boat can respond quickly to reports
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of oil. the crude sticks to the conveyor belt. and water filters out. >> the advantage of this boat, it's 30 feet long, 8 feet wide. we have the capacity to pick up 1200 gallons of oil and slumg. the -- sludge. >> the president is promising thousands of dollars in skimmer boats. just part of the effort to return the gulf to what it was. in long beach, mississippi, manuel gallegus, wjz eyewitness news. >> so far, bp says it has paid out $201 million in claims to individuals and businesses. charges have dropped against seven people arrested in the march 4th riot. the terps win over duke. a itself turned ugly. today, only five charged with their roles in the incident. police tracked down incidents by watching the video posted on you tube. an update now. the spectacular crash that left two injured. the driver of a car that careened into a floor tile
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showroom is now facing reckless driving charges. police say clinton hidelost control and flew into three cars. police are investigating whether alcohol played a role in that crash. how is the rush hour shaping up? here's kristy breslin. >> reporter: we're off to a very busy start to the friday afternoon rush hour. as far as the harrisburg expressway goes, if you're traveling in that northbound direction, heavy congestion there from pedonia to shaone road. it will take you 20 minutes to get by. in the southbound direction, 543 to emerton road. over on the north side inner loop, another 15 minutes from charles treat to harford road. delays continue on the west side. they continue to build there from 795 to security boulevard. and 70 eastbound, showing delays back from the patapsco river bridge, up to the beltway. moving over to the city, a couple of accidents, just to name a few there. reisterstown.
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and north avenue at west mount royal. now, you can see a live look here at the congestion there, at shawon road. and another looking at 95 south of the beltway. this is brought to you by bill's carpet, hard wood and laminate. you can call them. now back over to you. still ahead at 4:00. 31 flavors, minus 5. changes at basket bask -- baskin robbins. find out if they are putting your favorite flavor on ice. yard sale find. the surprising development in the lebron james diamond pendant story. i'm ron matz in fells point. these worms are headed all over maryland. meet the worm girl coming up here on wjz. it's stifling outside. get your updated first warning forecast. ,,,,
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at least one person is trapped in a car. officials are still trying to assess the damage in hackensack. firefighters can see one victim inside the car but can't reach the person for fear of another collapse. witnesses at the scene say at least. espn reporter erin andrews has filed a lawsuit against seven big hotel chains for giving out her information for the man who secretly taped her nude through the peephole. andrews filed that, claiming the hotels gave her room number to michael barrett without her permission. barrett has pled guilty in court. more questions today, surrounding mel gibson. a fifth tape-recorded rant has surfaced. and the child custody battle with his girlfriend.
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ben tracy reports for wjz. gibson's lawyers claim the tape could be a hoax. no comments about anything, any signature, any matter. lawyers for mel gibson and his ex-girlfriend, oksana gregor ya over, was a closed session. fighting off for custody for the 8-month-old child. >> i'd like to show you what mean really is. [ bleep ], [ bleep ], whore, gold digger, all true. you proved it to me. >> reporter: it's the fifth rant recorded online. they are now investigating gibson for domestic violence. gregorio has accused him of hitting her and waving a gun in her face. >> we will secure them, book them into evidence. we will then begin the process of reviewing them, analyzing them. >> reporter: but gibson's lawyers allege the phone calls have been edited.
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>> there's a great example right there. >> reporter: forensic expert frank piazza agrees. >> this file right here definitely has deliberate edits. >> reporter: mel gibson, once worth close to a billion dollars, now claims financial difficulty. he blames his ex-girlfriend. >> how much money do you spend on me? you don't spend more on me than anybody else. >> i spent more than $5 million on you. >> gibson's wife is expected to get a huge divorce settlement. in a letter to the court, robin gibson said gibson never abused her and was a good father. consumers are showing lack of confidence in the economic turnaround. here's a lack at the closing numbers. dow was down 261 points. s&p 500 down 32. the nasdaq down 70. let's go to new york, where alexis christoforous has
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tonight's cbs money watch update. investors heading for the exits on wall street after a string of disappointing profits, from companies like citigroup, bank of america, and google. consumer sentiment hit the lowest level in nearly a year. that's according to the latest university of michigan survey. high unemployment and the economy had americans feeling less confident about their own. consumer confidence has declined for a third straight mont. and that means some bargains for shopperless. prices for food items and airline fares also fell. more than 2 million americans who have been laid off for six months or longer could get their unemployment benefits reinstated as soon as next week. the senate plans to vote to restore those benefits, after a new democratic senator from west virginia is sworn in. toyota, and electric vehicle maker tes lawill work together to make an electric version of
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toyota's rav 4. that's your money watch. for headlines, stay with cbs money at the new york stock exchange, i'm alexis christoforous. if you like to fish, you know there is nothing better than finding good worms to do it. well, there's a woman in fells point who is an expert at it. ron matz has more on a fishyman. >> yes, i am. i'm going to count. what dee is counting might make you queasy. these are blood worms. and they can bite. at tuckerman tackle at fells point, they sell as many as $30,000 a week during summer. >> it's almost like filet mignon. nts for a fish. >> reporter: she's been doing this for 17 years, nicknamed worm girl. when the orders pile up, dee can get a little nervous. >> next week, panic -- of course, panic attacks in case your worms don't come. >> reporter: the worms are
4:18 pm
thoroughly cleaned, then kept cool, stored in the fridge at 42 degrees. >> you're going to do this, too, right? >> i'm going to do this, too. >> okay. >> i don't know why. >> reporter: our turn to clean the critters. >> a little rinse. how pretty. >> oh, they're singing. >> ron, i love you. look at this. >> and there's nothing better than when the worms are just right. >> oh, you open the worms. if you see a gentleman get worms, it's unbelievable. you open the worms, and it's like a woman looking at a diamond. it's incredible. >> reporter: diamonds from the rough. pretty as a picasso. >> look at this. >> beautiful. >> beautiful worms, okay? >> yes. >> aren't they something now? >> see, you fell in love, didn't you in fells point. dee tuckerman says in 17 years,
4:19 pm
she's only been bitten twice. important recalls, bagged salads and lettuces may be contaminated with e. coli. a scare sending pop star pink to the hospital. it's as hot as an oven outside. meteorologist tim williams is updating your first warning forecast. wjz is always on. for the top stories on, instant updates and first warning weather all the time. click
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all right. >> we have folks who spent time it in the west, out in the desert, southwest, in vegas. and they said this is even much worse than vegas. vegas gets up to 110. >> in the shade, right? >> in the shade. but the humidity, that's what gets you. and that's what we're dealing with today. dew points have been high. temperatures are high. and as bob mentioned a few moments ago, definitely a reason for all of the heat indices being high. temperature at bwi marshall, 67, the dew point. again, not as high as it has
4:23 pm
been. it was in the 70s earlier today. with the temperatures up in the 90s, the heat index was always very close to about 100 degrees. right now, it's around 10 twenty 1. 37% humidity. that is a little deceiving. but the dew point is the real culprit here. west wind at 13 miles per hour. we're looking at 29.88. barometer r reading. -- barometer reading. across the state, 82 in oakland. and ocean city are two of the coolest spots around the maryland area. and of course the mountains and the shore. we're looking at 93 up in northeast. 97 at bwi. and 97 down in reagan national. 90 over in the cumberland valley. 101 is the heat index. that's what it feels like on your skin. around much of central maryland, 107 is what it feels like in eltock inn. it is -- elkton. it is the humidity and the sun that makes it feel so comfortable out there. we have a heat advisory in
4:24 pm
effect through the evening. and until it starts to cool down, we'll lose the sun until about 88 -- after 8:30. winds are coming in at 13 miles per hour. just a hot breeze out there. it's like an oven with a fan in it. that's what we're dealing with out there. we have a front trying to push through the area. as a result, we'll see the potential for thundershowers, late this afternoon and evening. for folks around the western edge of the 95 corridor. this front will push on through, eventually stalling over virginia. and folks east and south of the 95 corridor. we'll see a better chance. rain, potentially in the overnight hours and through tomorrow. no washout of plans tomorrow. temperatures don't change very much. we'll stay in the 90s. but we will see again, the off- and-on chance of showers. the shower is so close, we'll keep the potential, the possibilities in your forecast. sunset today is at 8:31. southwest wind on the bay, 5 to 10 knots. next high tide is 47 knots.
4:25 pm
we could see widely scattered showers. 74, your overnight low. partly sunny, a thunderstorm around tomorrow. 95 degrees. daytime high is going to be pretty hot tomorrow. but again, not a washout. some folks could see the pop-up showers. >> tim, thank you very much. and don't miss the cbs primetime lineup, tonight at 10:00. it's an episode of flashpoint, followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. a reminder, masn is on wjz this weekend. we'll see the orioles take on the toronto blue jays tonight. katie couric has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. our four-month investigation first told you about the widespread use of antibiotics and healthy livestock. and how it could be hazardous to your health. now, the government is taking action. should the practice be banned? tonight, only on the cbs evening news. dropped calls. what apple is doing for iphone customers, unhappy with their reception. surprise ruling. a florida judge allows critical evidence in the casey anthony
4:26 pm
murder trial. it rattled dishes and windows. our complete coverage of the maryland earthquake continues, when eyewitness news at 4:00 continues with denise and vic. , [ music throughout ] [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money? meet pnc virtual wallet. it comes with a calendar that shows you all your finances at once. it lets you know when your money's going out. and when it's coming in. it even tells you when you're running low. we call that danger days.
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it is 4:28. 97 degrees with scattered clouds. >> here's what people are talking about. >> some people got a giant wake- up call around 5:00 this morning. a record-setting earthquake shook the reason and was felt as far away as virginia and southern pennsylvania. joel brown has more from washington. >> reporter: bob everett said it woke him out of a sound sleep. >> it felt like an earth mover or truck was going by the house! when you heard it was an earthquake -- >> then it was like, okay. >> that earthquake measured 3.6
4:30 pm
on the richter scale. it shook the washington, d.c. region just after 5:00 this morning. the quake was centered near rockville, maryland, about 20 miles outside the capital city. utility companies reported no trouble. city officials said the quake did not damage roads, bridges or the subway system. cassie goody slept right through it. >> i didn't know. i didn't feel a thing. >> neither did the president. >> did you feel the earthquake, mr. president? >> i didn't. >> scientists say this is the strongest earthquake to hit the d.c. area since the government started keeping records in the 1970s. >> reporter: thousands of people logged onto the u.s. geological survey website to report feeling the quake. some from as far away as pennsylvania and west virginia. >> i've never actually ever experienced an earthquake so to feel something shake like that was a little different. >> reporter: there could be more. earthquake experts warn smaller after shocks could hit the
4:31 pm
region in the next few days. >> in washington, joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> our complete coverage continues with tim williams and more from the weather center. we have a bit of an idea where this epicenter was located. you heard joel brown talk about it being just outside, 20 miles outside the capital. it is located around the 270 corridor, where the route 119 meets it. it is about 3.1 miles deep. so a very shallow earthquake as far as earthquakes go. and 3.6, it was the strongest to hit maryland, as joel brown mentioned, the usgs started keeping records back about 40 years ago. it happened about 5:04 in the morning. how does it rank among the other quakes we've had in this area? well, there was a 2.5 that hit the washington, d.c. area just around that same location in 1997. a 2.3. and the same general area, about 1996. and there was a 1.3, very close to even our location here on tv hill. and the lockhearn area.
4:32 pm
that's up and down the liberty road corridor area. and somewhat close to pikesville. that happened back in 2007. again, we'll continue to find more information on this quake as it becomes available. and we ask you to stay with wjz for more complete coverage of the maryland earthquake. wjz 13 is always on. for constant updates on the stories, additional video, and to share your experience with the quake, go to people in the baltimore area are looking right now for ways to stay cool. fluids are the best way if you have to stay outside. folks at the inner harbor today. a live look outside right now. will this continue through the weekend? or will we get a little relief? bob turk is updating the forecast. >> becoming a repeat performance this summer. let's take a lack at radar. we have a couple of thundershowers to our north and northwest. hopefully some folks will get cooling relief from this. this is a cool front. but there is a slight chance of some of these getting into portions of maryland this evening. take a look at temperatures.
4:33 pm
we're up to the high so far today at 97 here in d.c. as well. the coolest spots, ocean city, aiming for oakland at 82. the dew point, 67, which makes it feel in the city like 101. 99 in d.c. 93 in ocean city. and elkton, wilmington area, coming at 107. and because of these high heat indexes, we have a heat advisory in effect through 9:00 p.m. tonight. that's, of course, when the sun will go down and things begin cooling. there's no big, big cool air mass headed our way. still going to be pretty warm and pretty humid this weekend. again, probably over 90 again, both days this weekend. denise? >> thank you, bob. as the mother of casey anthony takes a stand in her daughter's murder trial, a judge allows the prosecution to use damaging 911 calls made to police as evidence. mike deforest has more from orange county, florida. >> i came in to the living room and i overheard her say that she hadn't seen kaley for 31
4:34 pm
days. >> reporter: cindy anthony admits being overcome with emotion when her daughter daughter admitted she had not seen her daughter. and she acknowledges that her career as a nurse made her very familiar with the odor of a decomposing body. >> the smell. rotting flesh is a unique smell. >> yes. >> but cindy anthony downplayed her comments in that infamous 911 call. >> there's something wrong. i about my daughter's car today. and it smells like there's been a dead body in the car. >> why did you make that statement to them? >> i have no idea. i mean, at the time, i don't know. there was something wrong. >> reporter: in trying to get the 911 call thrown out, casey anthony's attorneys threw out that cindy anthony had been aware of the smell for more than six hours before calling
4:35 pm
911. the defense said that that gave her plenty of time to contemplate her words, making it inadmissible in court. >> as far as i knew, she was still there. >> even then, cindy anthony said she was not worried with -- worried about her granddaughter. she made this statement. >> i still think cray lee is alive. >> -- caylee is alive. >> as her brother took the stand, she broke down in tears. >> casey anthony waited a month to report her daughter missing. caylee anthony has been missing for more than a year. the man police say may have his trial moved. kai is live in the newsroom with more. a california judge will decide at the day of the trial if andrew gallow should be moved out of orange county. police say gallow's blood alcohol content is almost three times the legal limit when he
4:36 pm
crashed into adenhart and two others. gallow fled the scene but was arrested a short ways away. the night of the crash, aden heart had -- adenhart had just pitched six scoreless innings. >> they argued the publicity surrounding the case would make it impossible to find an impartial jury in the county. two baltimore county officers suffer minor injuries in a crash this morning. it happened in fullerton. police say the officers were responding to an emergency call in separate cars when they crashed into each other. they were taken to shock trauma as a precaution. in today's consumer watch report, there is another recall. they are issuing a recall on bags of fresh romaine lettuce. officials say the package testified positive for the e. coli. the let us has the expiration dates of july 8 to 12, and an s in the product code.
4:37 pm
no illnesses have been reported. apple is trying to fix a major problem with its new iphones. the company says it will give out free protective cases for the iphone 4, which should ease problems. they said careful testing confirms that claims of holding the phone over a particular spot, drastically reduces the signal strength. well, how is the friday rush home shaping up right now? let's check on the roads with kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. hello, christy. >> hi, denise. hi, were. traffic continues to build throughout the region. the earlier accident at shawon road that has been cleared. can't say the same for the day. that's still back to warren road. only one lane is currently getting by. as far as the beltway goes, traffic still heavy from charles street to harford road. another 15 minutes to get through. moving over to the west side, outer loop, that continues to crawl along from 795 to security boulevard. average speed only about 20 miles an hour.
4:38 pm
southbound 95, no improvement to speak of there. that continues to struggle from 543 to emerton road. and as far as accidents go, harford to east joppa. and another reported at rossville boulevard. here's a live look. you can see the accident there. and also the congestion here on the west side at baltimore national pike. new to the area, h.h. greg. browse through the selection of 100 digital tvs or 400 major appliances in stock every day. only to h.h. greg. back over to you. baskin robbins is saying goodbye to five of its 31 flavors. some of the older flavors are being replaced with new ones to celebrate its 65th anniversary, as well as national ice cream day. french vanilla and super fudge truffle are among the flavors being put in deep freeze that will be available through the end of this month. and we have a sample of the caramel practice lean cheesecake ice cream flavors this year. >> this is a big surprise. >> it is. >> i like the paleans and
4:39 pm
caramel. but i'm not sure of the cheesecake. it's being discontinue said. >> and it's free. i love it. >> bob turk over there. straight ahead on eyewitness news at 4:00. dramatic twist. a member of lebron james's staff takes the law into his own hand, regarding a diamond pendant stolen in a yard sale. controversial bill. who paid for it and why it's causing such a stir. hazy, hot and humid. bob will have your updated forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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4:42 pm
the so-called barefoot bandit is facing a long list of charges. harris-moore will be transferred to his home state of washington. he is wanted for more than 70 crimes across nine states. some of those he allegedly committed shoeless and left behind chalk footprints.
4:43 pm
he was arrested last week in the bahamas. police in los angeles have seized hundreds of pieces of evidence from the home of a suspected serial killer. in all, police have more than 650 items, belonging to lonnie franklin, jr., including guns, ammunition, and handcuffs. 57-year-old franklin, who police say is the serial killer, known as the grim sleeper, is charged with killing 10 women over a period of 22 years. he is expected to plead not guilty. but if convicted, he could face the death penalty. >> a new legal battle in the ongoing saga is surrounding the missing child, kyron horman. mike schuh is live to explain, kiron's stepmother, the last person to see him alive, is at the center. >> kiron's parents are in a legal fight to get terri horman evicted from the home. he was seen here at this eviction court to force terri horman to move out.
4:44 pm
legal experts say it's pressure to terri to talk about how he disappeared after she dropped him off. no charges have been filed against terri horman. in addition to the eviction request, kaine horman is asking for a divorce. and he already has a restraining order against terri horman. a girl abducted six years ago, wants to keep her. this is the little girl at the age of 1 when she was taken from a chuck e. cheese in california. a family living in phoenix, arizona, says the girl's grshed mother -- grandmother brought her to them. they claim the girl's grandmother neglected her. and they were trying to get custody after years of loving and caring for her. kids as young as 6, ended up in a r-rated movie with day care members.
4:45 pm
itthey were taken to see death at a funeral. the day care is being investigated. some someone suffering from a painful disease have the right to choose whether they live or die? christine sloan has the story for wjz. >> over this eastern section. some drivers are confused by the message. >> my life, my death, nigh choice. >> yep. >> what does that mean? >> the final billboard that reads my life, my death, my choice and names a website. the national nonprofit group says it provides guidance to adults who suffer from illnesses so painful that they want to end their lives. i spoke to the group's vice president over the phone. >> people with parkinsons disease, emphysema, and a whole other range of wasting diseases. >> it's not the right choice.
4:46 pm
because god gave us a life. and only god knows when he is going to take that from this world. >> it's your life. you should choose where you want to go, what you want to do with your life. >> reporter: the group says it does not assist in death but has provided information to at least 300 people nationwide who have ended their owner lives-- own lives since 2004. several of them in new jersey. >> we insisted that they give us complete medical records. we wanted to be sure that psychologically, they're sound. >> reporter: the catholic church strongly condemns the billboard. >> someone who is at odds within himself, sees a message like that, may feel, well, this is okay then. >> well, currently, only 34 states have clearly-stated laws against physician-assisted suicide. the pop singer pink, is known for acrobatic performances. but this time, something went wrong. a harness was supposed to carry
4:47 pm
pink out over the crowd. but instead, she fell head first into a barricade in front over the stage. she was rushed to the hospital. but officials say she was not seriously injured. the singer lady tweeted that she was seriously sore. and hopes the accident, at least looked cool. lebron james' manager is in the spotlight again, for allegedly taking the law into his own hands. an ohio woman claims maverick carter, claimed the pendant she bought belonged to him. venicia robinson said she was lured to a house. the pendant, which was valued at $10,000, was taken from her. comedian will ferrell teams up with mark wahlberg. >> reporter: coming up here on entertainment tonight. exclusive, behind the scenes with will ferrell and mark wahlberg for their new buddy movie, "the other guys." >> you're coming with me. >> it's a wooden gun.
4:48 pm
oh! >> reporter: well, not exactly buddy cops. and they are no match for the super cop, played by samuel l. jackson and duane johnson. >> we are the other guys on the force that no one talks about. >> oh! >> i never wanted to be with a partner. you have a weak chin. >> what has other guys on the edge is that they could win a big promotion, if they could only get along, and if will was better at arresting crooks. >> anything you do or say can be used -- um -- what's the next part? >> as a flotation device. >> as a flotation device. oh, you know what? that's very funny. >> reporter: looks like the start of a movie franchise. also tonight, erin andrews' lawsuit. and did mel gibson really damage oksan a's teeth? that's at 7:30, here on wjz 13. postage stamps, honoring negro league baseball were unveiled today. and the u.s. postal service --
4:49 pm
or yesterday. the u.s. postal service released the 44-send stamps. hundreds of people attended the event at the negro league's baseball museum in kansas city. the stamps feature a player, sliding across home plate. and luke foster, the man who formed the league. those look like they were drawn by cadir nelson. i thought they were. >> very nice. straight ahead on eyewitness news at 4:00. it's friday. >> bob turk has your updated first warning weather forecast coming up after this commercial break. name something truly awful.
4:50 pm
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[ bell dings ] microwave pizza! awful! [ buzz! ] [ show announcer ] now there's red baron pizza by the slice. unbelievably good pizza from the microwave. red baron. bring home that pizzeria taste.
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we're going to toss this to bob quickly so we can finish our ice cream. >> get ready for a day like today. it feels good. >> great snowball day around the region. by the way, i was checking some of the air quality. most of the reporting stations had either good or moderate air quality. and not particularly great. it wasn't as bad, as we thought
4:53 pm
it would be earlier. we thought to move some of the dirt around. some of the pollution around. let's take a lock -- look at temperatures, conditions. 97. the dew point not as high as it was. at 67. humidity down to 37%. but even with that combination, it still feels like over 100 degrees. west winds at 13. barometer 29.88 and holding steady. oak ocean city did drop to a nice, pleasant, but humid 84 degrees. and the heat index down there is 93. some places to our east, above 100, as you can see, baltimore, coming in that 101. 99 in washington. and 85 with the heat index. that's the way it feels on your skin with the high dew points. and because of the high temperature indexes right now. we have a heat advisory for all of central maryland, as you can see into virginia, until 9:00 tonight. and across the philadelphia area. they have an excessive heat
4:54 pm
watch for those higher temperatures. even higher than our region. we have a nice breeze. and because it's also a west wind, it comes down the mountains. through compressional heating. gets even warmer. so it does dry out just a little bit. but it does heat up even more. temperatures in the mid-90s. probably maybe to the upper 90s. you've got a weak front. i'm telling you, this thing is kind of wimped out. except north events. across pennsylvania now. pretty good batch of storms. it's going to just pass to our north. we might see a shower or thundershower between 9:00, 10:00. behind that, chances of showers aren't that great. but this front is going to stall out around our region. and because of that, we might just see a shower tomorrow afternoon. just might. it will still be in the hot and humid side. maybe not quite as warm itself was this afternoon. southwest winds, 5 to 10 knots. bay temp around 82 degrees. tonight, then scattered showers, maybe a thundershower. although i'm not too impressed
4:55 pm
at this point. 74 now. tomorrow, back up into the mid- 90s. maybe a couple of degrees cooler. with a slight chance of shower or thundershower in afternoon. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. i'm alex demetrick. coming up, maryland is rattled by a rare earthquake. that story as eyewitness news that story as eyewitness news contnt,,,,,,,,,,
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
wjz eyewitness news at 5:00. a record-setting earthquake rocks the state. is there damage? and the possibility of aftershocks? >> a fifth heat wave of the season is under way. i'm gigi barnett at the inner harbor. coming up, the best way to beat
4:58 pm
the heat. the details are just ahead. good news in the gulf. no oil gushing, as the cap remains intact. tonight, the challenges that still remain. check in for more on these stories, and all the day's breaking news. eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now. did you feel it? a record-breaking earthquake shakes maryland. >> tonight, the possibility of aftershocks and the search for damage. >> hi, everybody. i'm kai jackson! and i'm denise koch. mary has the evening off. and here's what people are talking about. >> the earthquake, centered in the rockville, montgomery county was felt away as far
4:59 pm
away as west virginia. we begin with alex demetrick with more on the quake that has everyone in maryland talking. >> reporter: well, kai, it might go largely unnoticed in earthquake country, but today's quake was a big one by maryland's standard. >> reporter: the sun was just coming up over maryland, when a 3.6 earthquake rumbled through much of the state. >> i thought it was like a big truck that went by. >> i thought it was a freight train. until i turned on the news. >> that's surprising that it was an earthquake. that's unusual. >> sizeseismographs caught -- seismographs caught itself size and duration. >> a one or two. very small, but as far as earthquakes in maryland go, it's small. most of earthquakes in maryland run in the 1 to 2 range. >> reporter: is

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